Free beer? At the following? HA!
But ya never know...

... . Waiting for Happy Hour.   © Tony King, 1974
(Sardonic substitute, until I can ever locate my old 'Lee Friedlander Wannabe' pix from 1970s...)

The BISTRO! Chez Lou Lou les Bacchantes . Downstairs from La Crepe-Bretonne.

Montreal Qu├ębec. 1960s perverted free-love drug fiends! Suzanne?

Rainbow bar and grill? All Montreal drug fiends!

Wine? Quaaludes? The late Leonard Cohen met Suzanne here: they fed on tea and oranges while wearing nothing but famous blue raincoats!
Tavan's authentic zinc bar sang as beers were skidded along it!
The late David Kerr (of Hong Kong) before being punched out by the late Charlie Shields, took pics of the late Graham McKeen as he waxed poetic on the air-piano. Scotch and Pinoqachole helped!
Montreal Memories?
Just like the late Don Hendry, Fred Kemp or Roy MccDonald of London. The same crazy drunks as Tony King.
Crescent street's Johnny Vago owned the Winston Churchill & Boiler room, but no comparison!On Bishop street: Darwin's Pub, but not Grumpy's-
ink-stained wretches ALL!

Bistro Chez Loulou les Bacchantes - Mountain Street 1960s & '70s.

Hi! Are you interested in acquiring reminicenses and general contacts with patrons of the old 'Bistro' (Beestroke?) on Mountain street in Montreal during the 1960s and 1970s?
Chez Lou Lou was its official name, but who ever used that?
HEY! ... Remember the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Stanley street?
How about Darwin's Pub on Bishop street? Or The Orient Express on Mackay street?

"I came to this Bistro website because..." free polls

Check out the following-
Graham McKeen and friends! (1966)
Montreal Gazette mention (2003)

or write me: Claude Balloune

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